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Professional Associations
We adhere to the highest ethical standards of the industry. Our dedication to excellence is evident in the memberships Gregory K Zieba maintains in professional organizations. A Professional license or certificate signifies an appraiser has met some MINIMUM level of education and experience. Professional Membership and Designations signify the dedication an appraiser has to the profession. Professional Memberships signify the appraiser has undergone additional education and experience requirements, including a peer review process in addition to achieving a certification. 

Gregory K Zieba holds the Senior (IFAS) Designation awarded by the National Association of Independent Fee Appraisers, a nationally recognized professional organization of appraisal professionals. 

Membership in an professional organization indicates the appraiser's dedication to raise the standards of the appraisal profession, to exchange experiences and ideas to the betterment of the profession and the public, to maintain and encourage a code of ethics of the highest standards for members, to gain recognition for its members as qualified professionals, to encourage educational pursuits for members in attaining a high standard of proficiency in their chosen specialty.

Members  adhere to a Code of Ethics as a condition of membership and designation. This code helps members maintain professionalism and ethical standards as they provide services to clients, and as they deal with their colleagues and the public. Adhering to the Code demonstrates a voluntary commitment to ethical actions above and beyond the requirements of law.

The Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Standards is the minimum standards a certified appraiser must adhere. The current Standards can be found at: